Let Replico Franchise Your Business

We can do this:

  • Create and run your franchise:
  • Work out exactly how your existing business really works (or should work):
    • How you get customers
    • How you serve your customers
    • How you keep customers coming back for more
    • What happens when things don’t go to plan
  • Write it all down in manuals that will be easy for franchise owners to follow
  • Assemble a starter kit that will help franchise owners get going quickly
  • Put together a training programme that will get franchise owners off to a flying start
  • Work out the right size territories to support a franchise successfully
  • Work out a fair price for your ‘business in a box’
  • Protect it with a legal agreement
  • Find enough of just the right people to buy and run it
  • Persuade them to buy your franchise instead of someone else’s
  • Help them to get funding so they can buy from you.
  • Train them so they can get on well without you
  • Get franchise owners set up with a business plan that is likely to succeed.
  • Keep your franchise owners happy with lots of support, new products to sell and plenty of customers
  • Monitor how they are doing for themselves and for your customers
  • Revise the manuals in the light of real experience
  • Revise your training in the light of real experience
  • Keep looking for suitable people to run your franchise
  • Help franchise owners to sell on their franchises
  • Re-train under-performing franchise owners

So you can do this:

Keep your existing business running smoothly and profitably.

All we need is regular access to what’s inside your head.

Interested? Contact us for a free no obligation consultation.

All it normally takes is less than one hour of questions and answers for us to be able to assess whether the idea is potentially viable and for you to decide whether or not it's worth investigating further.

It doesn't matter where you are based. We can do the consultation by phone or Skype but it does make sense to book a mutually convenient time free of interruptions.

Don't leave it too late! Often we talk to people who have wasted time or money doing things they didn't need to do or who could have saved themselves time and effort if we had spoken earlier.


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