Recruiting Franchisees

How to recruit franchisees and licensees effectively and efficiently.

As all successful franchisors know, finding the right people to run your franchise is crucial to the success of their business and of yours.

It’s vital that potential franchisees buy in to your core value proposition, fully understand what’s required of them as a franchisee of your business and are capable of delivering the results you and they want.

Finding the right franchisees is hard, and traditional methods such as franchise exhibitions and magazines, or listing sites can be very expensive – especially to small franchisors or franchisors who are in the early stages of development and therefore don’t have a large budget to play with.

That’s why we’ve developed a different approach to franchise marketing and franchisee recruitment, one that’s based on sound marketing principles and matches the right people to the right franchise businesses.

See our three-step method to the right.

One of the biggest benefits of using our services is the reduced cost of sale.

In countless surveys franchisors list as their number one problems the difficulty they have in finding sufficient numbers so suitable franchisees. We can tackle that issue.

1) We analyse and develop your franchise proposition...

so that we understand exactly what you have to offer potential franchisee partners and to put together a comprehensive profile picture of suitable candidates for your franchise. Often this exercise uncovers new sources of potential franchisees as well as benefits for would-be franchisees that you may not have considered worth mentioning. Where appropriate we will also suggest improvements to your franchise marketing materials and information that you can apply to your other franchise marketing channels. The other side of your proposition is profile of what makes a suitable franchisee. We help you develop a clear profile and work out ways to check applicants.

2) Using the results of this work, we put together a number of franchise marketing strategies...

and test them on a small scale, so that we can see what works best to promote and sell your franchise to just the right people. Once we know that, working strategies are ramped up to deliver prospects at the rate you want. The strategy takes into account the profile of suitable franchisees and often determines the channels first tested.

3) We provide an initial "franchisee capture" process...

Although each franchise is unique and franchisees are always keen to get to know the franchisor before buying, the most effective process for finding them and getting them on board is basically the same and merely needs configuring and tuning. By sharing our well-proven methods we can get you up and running sooner.


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