What we offer

We believe in “taking our own medicine” so we have largely systematised and productised the services we offer.

The benefits to you as a customer include…

  • A clearly define set of results at fixed prices.
  • Far higher value for money than paying by the hour because we can re-use and re-configure material, methods and tool instead of starting from scratch each time.
  • Tried tested an proven ways of achieving results.

Here is a summary of the productised services we offer relating to franchising.

Free consultation

Creating a franchise is a major undertaking not to be entered into lightly and often better if planned carefully and not rushed.
By offering you an early free consultation we believe it can help you formulate your ideas and see what you need to do to prepare.
If you plans are further advanced this can also help you decide how to take the project forward. Our free consultation normally lats around an hour and conducted face-to-face or by telephone or video call (e.g Skype).

Franchise (or licencing) Blueprint

The blueprint covers all the main areas we recommend considering as well as answering the following specific questions.
  • How big is the market for the service?
  • What is the marketability of the concept?
  • Which parts of the business should be included in the franchise model?
  • Who could run the replicated outlets (franchisee businesses) and where can the franchisor find them?
  • Which parts of the business the franchisee will do?
  • Which parts of the business the franchisor will keep?
  • How big should a licensee’s market (territory) be?
  • How will a franchisee get customers?
  • How will the franchisees make money and what will their costs be?
  • How will the franchisor make money and what will its costs be?
  • What is the ROI of this business venture?
  • What are the target revenues, expected costs and profitability in 3 years?
  • What steps should be taken next to get there? (A full action plan is included in eth blueprint)
and now the rest in outline...

Franchise Start-up project

Following on from the Blueprint this includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED to do to get you Franchise set up and running with its initial Pilot Franchisees.

Franchisee Recruitment

A complete outsourced service to find you the franchisees you need at a sensible cost.

Franchising Overseas

We help you set up master franchise partners in other territories.

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