Specialist Services

There are a number of specialist methods that we use to help our clients create successful franchises.
Some of these methods have other important uses. We therefore offer them as free-standing specialist services.

Here is a list with a brief description of each

Training Design and Development

If you want to develop very effective training in order to get people able to performed skilled activities the way you want them done and to a consistently high standard we can do it for you.

Prepare Your Business for Sale

Many businesses can’t be sold because the expertise is inside the owner’s head.
We have very effective techniques for capturing specialist know-how and turning it into documented processes and procedures that are easy to follow.
Note that we also operate a specialist business sale service under the name SellsCo.

Productising and systematising

One vital features of many franchises is the way they have turned services into products. This "productisation" also applies to many licensing schemes but is something that can be useful in all kinds of businesses not just franchises and licenses. In conjunction with productisation is "systematisation" in which the way of doing things is organised into a documented and reproducible system. We regularly systematise and productise business functions. Almost always there is an increase in performance and productivity and a greater consistency too.


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