Help for Licensors or Franchisors

Looking at ways to expand your business?

To get more from your business, you have to put in more.

Conventionally, growing a business means employing more people, adding a whole lot of overhead (their salaries, office space, desks, insurance, another employee whose job is to look after the new employees) in the process – before you see any return.

Another way to grow a business is to merge with or aquire other businesses in the same field (more overheads – plus the headache of getting different systems, processes and cultures to work together). Again, that means it can be a long time before you see the return.

Or you grow your business by literally making more of it – creating copies for someone else to buy and run. In other words franchise it or license it.

We can help you decide which is the most appropriate one for you, and then help you turn your business into a successful franchise, license network, agency or distribution network.

Whatever the framework, the keys to success are largely the same.

Whatever stage you're at, with Replico you get:

  • A true partner - we take a long-term view of project success.
  • A safer investment and cash-flow profile for expansion with our staged payment scheme.
  • A hub for all the specialist expertise that's needed - as well as our help, you get access to our extensive network of specialists such as solicitors, marketing and branding consultants, trademark lawyors, web developers - as and when you need them.
  • Useful tools for franchisors.

Do take a look around, check out our resources, download freebies, and see how you can grow your business with total control, consistancy and confidence.

When you're ready, contact us for a free no obligation consultation.


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